2020 Orlando American
Advertising Award Winners

Best of Categories

Gold ADDY Best of Student Brand Identity

McKenzie Estes

Flavor Brand Campaign


McKenzie Estes, Designer
University of Central Florida

Gold ADDY Best of Student Design

McKenzie Estes

New Hope for Kids Annual Report


McKenzie Estes, Designer
University of Central Florida

Gold ADDY Best of Student

Mirna Pierre

Bloom Typeface Design


Mirna Pierre
Valencia College

Gold ADDY Best of Video Direction

Strong Films

Charge On


Strong Films, Production Company
Ron Boucher, Creative Director
Jon Strong, Director
Tighe Arnold, Producer
Ryan Dean, Cinematographer
Andre Bohrer, Editor

Gold ADDY Best of Cinematography

Studio Say So

Sandra's Lungs

View Video

Marshall Head, Director
Drew Tearpak, Lead Editor
Danny Mille, Producer
Mackenzie Wiler, Producer

Gold ADDY Best of Film, Video & Sound


Count Us In


Josh Streufert, Creative Director
Maya Bragg, Director of Design
John Deeb, Director
Tighe Arnold, Producer
Neil O'Donoghue, DP
David Ouellette, Post Supervisor/Editor
Mike Quinn Jr., Editor
Suzanne Dusch, VP Marketing

Gold ADDY Best of Sales and Marketing


Oreo x Wiz Khalifa Music Box


Steve Alexander, Chief Experiential Officer
Debbie Tallen, Director of Production
Sarah Bolandi, Associate Producer
Alex Craven, Sr. Creative Engineer
Bruno Franco, Sr. Software Engineer
Ben Mlian, Creative Engineer
Jared Stevick, Sr. Software Engineer

Gold ADDY Best of Elements of Advertising


Holocaust Museum Rebrand Logo


Mark Unger, Art Director
Kevin Harrell, Creative Director
Nick Martinolich, Editor

Gold ADDY Best of Website


Mount Gay Rum Website

View Website

Chris Stephens, Creative Director
Art Hardie, Associate Creative Director, Lead Copywriter
Mike Edwards, Account Director
Lee Waters, Senior Designer
Sean Jones, Senior Designer
Brandon Williams, Senior Designer
John Sheppard, Chief Technology Officer, Developer

Gold ADDY Best of Social Media

Universal Orlando

Holidays vs HHN Twitter Activation


Ashley Smith, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Melissa Baumgaertner, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Jimi Kunkel, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Meg Rosenoff, Copywriter
Stephanie Dominguez, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Michelle Russo, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Daniel Paccioni, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Raizel Lopez Subero, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Derek Reece, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Enrique Brao, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Denielle Ricci, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Stephen Kubiak, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Katie Schmidt, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Aaron Chiz, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Jon Benson, Concept/Copywriting/Strategy
Paula Marzetti, Designer
Erik McGrew, Designer

Gold ADDY Best of Online/Interactive

Disney Yellow Shoes

Toy Story Land Street View


Jose Ramirez, Art Director
Jeff Schermer, Copywriter
Dan Avola, Integrated Producer
Jeremiah Daws, Integrated Producer
Mitchell Thomas, Editor
Flossie Gillen, Business Affairs Manager
Sarah Sage Benedict, Senior Account Manager
Dennis Chalifour, Group Creative Director
Patrick Tom, Group Creative Director
Alex Ruiz, Group Digital Director
Jim Real, Director, Creative
Karan Dang, Director, Digital Creative
Toby Myers, Director, Account Management
Jean Batthany, VP, Global Creative
Joe Rand, VP, Account & Project Management
Marty Muller, SVP, Global Creative
Christopher Camp, Director of Photography

Gold ADDY Best of Events


Rosé Day LA Presented by Corkcicle


Courtney Konzelman, Director of Marketing
Dylon York, Creative Director
Garret Beard, Senior Digital Designer
Joe Williams, Senior Designer
Morgan Jenkins, Digital Marketing Manager / Copywriter
Stephen Bruner, CMO
Ben Biscotti, 1iota Productions Co-founder & President
Tony Schubert, Event Eleven Event Planner & Designer
Marc Forgione, Famed Iron Chef & Restaurant Owner
Bobby Rossi, Bungalow 8 & Rec Room Nightlife Impresario
Sylvain Bitton, Warwick
JT Torregiani, Warwick
David Jarret, Warwick

Gold ADDY Best of Out of Home & Ambient Media

UCF Marketing

One Team, One Heartbeat


Janeza Dino, Designer/Illustrator
Ron Boucher, Creative Director
Laura Cole, Editor in Chief

Gold ADDY Best of Public Service


Holocaust Museum Rebrand Logo


Nick Martinolich, Editor

Gold ADDY Best of Cross-Platform Campaign


Nike Shoe Wall featuring Quavo


Steve Alexander, Chief Experiential Officer
Sarah Bolandi, Manager of Client Services
Maddy Peirce, Associate Producer
Alex Craven, Senior Creative Engineer
Bruno Franco, Sr. Software Engineer
Jared Stevick, Sr. Software Engineer
Ben Milan

Gold ADDY Special Judges Award; Best Breadth of Work

University of Central Florida

Austin Warren
Bree Watson
Caryn Ann Bendrick
Cristina Cimmino
Gene Kruckemyer
Janeza Dino
Jenna Lee
Laura Cole
Lauren Waters
Mario Carrillo
Nick Levya
Nicole Dudenhoefer
Ron Boucher
Sandy Pouliot
Steve Webb

Gold ADDY Best of Advertising Industry Self-Promotion


Push. Apron Mailer


Mark Unger, Chief Creative Officer
Kevin Harrell, Creative Director/Copywriter
Tricia Hinds, Art Director
Jason Gonzales, Associate Creative Director/Copywriter
Laura Dagner, Director of Production and Traffic
Trevor Deal, Production Artist
Jim Brothers

Gold ADDY Copywriter of the Year

Kevin Harrell

Holocaust Center


Gold ADDY Art Director of the Year

Ron Boucher

Charge On!


Gold ADDY Best of Activations

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Senses of Asia


Esther McIlvain, Communications Manager
Antoinette Jonas, Brand Manager
Adam Smajstrla, Senior Art Director
Kaleb Harrell, CEO

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